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Student Success


Our team is here to help you along your educational journey. Each student has unique needs and we have gathered a few resources to help you along your journey. We encourage students to talk with their instructor first as they are a valuable resource for you.

Class Support

Learning Support Services

Our team in Learning Support Services is here to help students with a variety of academic needs. From tutoring to testing and essay support, we are here to help students achieve success during their time at 足球比分球盘皇冠.

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Technology Help Desk

Don't let technology be a barrier with your studies. From program and hardware support to just talking through how to use a program, our team is here to help you with what you need to be successful with your studies.

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足球比分球盘皇冠's library is more than a great place to study solo or as a group. Our team offers research support through resources available at our library and from a myriad of others. Our team can also help answer questions related to appropriately quoting sources and quick-help videos right on the library web page.

Library Support

Wifi access

Looking for wifi access? In addition to the library, 足球比分球盘皇冠 offers wifi locations on campus for students and employees. Access to these locations is available when the main gates are open, during regular business hours.

Wifi Map

Instructor office hours

Did you know that each instructor holds office hours so you have the ability to meet with them one-on-one? Most instructors even offer virtual appointments to make getting together easier. We encourage you to reach out for a meeting if you need to talk through your progress, a specific assignment, or just get a couple of questions answered. For additional reference, we also encourage you to review your course syllabus to ensure you are staying on track.

Check grades on moodle

If you're wondering where you're at in a class grade-wise, be sure to check Moodle. This is your one-stop for all things course related. Staying on top of your grades is one way to ensure you stay on track of your progress. It's also a great way to see areas you may need to focus on to improve your grade. Be sure to chat with your instructor to see how they can help you ensure course success.



Student Wellness

The mission of Student Wellness is to offer transparent and seamless access to disability-related services that uniquely support each student and ensure equal access to educational success. Our team provides many resources such as Personal Counseling; Disability Services; Community Resources and Referrals - and more!

Student Wellness Info


Haywood Community College has partnered with TimelyCare to deliver a FREE 24/7 virtual health and well-being platform for students through either a mobile app or your desktop.

Whether you're feeling under the weather, anxious, or overwhelmed, you can talk to a licensed provider to get the care you need via phone or secure video visits. Services available include: MedicalNow, TalkNow, Scheduled Medical, Basic Needs Support, and Self-Care content.

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Clyde's Cupboard

足球比分球盘皇冠 offers students the ability to obtain food, toiletry items, and more from our team to help support student needs in and out of the classroom. Hear more about Clyde's Cupboard and how you can make a request for items.

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Lavender Fund

If you are facing a financial hardship or an unforeseen financial need, our team has numerous funding sources to help. Expenses such as rent, medical, transportation and childcare, we're here to help to keep you on a successful educational track.